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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Dining Area for Your Cafe

If you are the owner of a busy cafe then you will be wondering how to increase your profits and maximise on sales. Your cafe will be full to capacity on a regular basis and it can be heartbreaking to turn customers away because you are too full. If this is the case for you then it is time that you started to think about creating a little extra outdoor space for your diners to sit in. This is easier than you may think – it doesn’t take a lot of extra work but it certainly will generate a whole lot more custom! Your customers will love dining al fresco, particularly in the hotter months when they can enjoy sitting in the sun and taking in the ambience of a balmy summer’s day. Here’s how to create an outdoor dining area for your cafe:

The Floor

One of the first things that you should consider is the flooring. The ground should be flat enough so that chairs and tables won’t wobble or tip over. Patio slabs are a great idea, or alternatively you could consider wooden decking. Some cafe owners even turf their outdoor area for a lush grassy space for their customers to enjoy. Make sure you have the perfect flooring for your cafe before you go any further, even if it takes a while to get together.

Chairs & Tables

The next thing you’ll need to do is to start looking for the perfect chairs and tables for your al fresco dining experience space. Think very carefully about the look you want to achieve. The furniture should suit the rest of the cafe but it can afford to be slightly more informal because it is outside. It will also have to be weatherproof, so make sure that you choose treated wood, cast iron or high grade plastic. Each table should have its own parasol in order to protect your customers from the sun when UV rays are at their strongest. You will need to number each table too just as you do inside so that the waiting staff know which orders go where.


Of course, not every day can be warm and sunny, but it is actually really cosy to sit outside in the rain as long as you have adequate shelter over your head. Consider having commercial shade sails fitted which can simply be pulled across the outdoor area in the event of inclement weather. That way your customers can continue to enjoy their meals even in the event of a freak rainstorm. They will probably stay even longer and order coffees while they wait for the rain to pass!

Having an outdoor dining area for your cafe is a really great way of making the most of what you have got. Be prepared for your cafe to get even more popular than ever and make sure you are ready for it by having more staff on the rota when good weather is forecasted. Your new outdoor dining area will be the talk of the town!

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