5 Clever Ways To Create The Perfect Kids’ Bedroom

Whilst a lot of DIY design and preparation can lead to so much stress and heartache, it is nice to have at least one room that is synonymous with laughter and joy. The children’s bedroom should be a celebration of love and family togetherness, so why not use this positive energy when deciding how to put the whole thing together? The beauty of working on a kid’s room is the sheer versatility that is reflected in each and every one of their personalities. No 2 kids are alike, so why compromise when approaching their favourite room from a design perspective?  They need to play, sleep, entertain and even study occasionally, so here are some cool ways to cater for their desires whilst keeping an eye on practicalities.

Safety First

Although the whole room should be about having fun, never forget that safety is always the key objective. When you have young children and they are spending a lot of time upstairs, the last thing that you want to hear is screaming. Well that may be true for any age bracket, but the bedroom needs to have a real handle on health and safety first and foremost. A clear floor space is essential for toddlers, never install a clever but complicated play area unless you are sure that your kids are old enough to understand how to use it safely.

Room Themes?

Something as seemingly charming as a Disney-themed bedroom will soon become a bore that your kids cringe about. They can be expensive and should remain in the stores or cartoons from whence they came. You can mirror the theme with a few posters and toys, but get ready to switch them when the next fad hits town. A bedspread is far easier to change than a carpet and wallpaper combination!

Shared Rooms

If you have a shared room to decorate, try to allow for both sets of identities, but ask for their input before you spend a penny on accessories. Quite often, your offspring will have very similar ideas for their bedroom furniture. The more that you involve the terrible two, the better the chance of success you will have in the end.

Floor Space

This is probably the most important fact to consider when designing a child’s bedroom. So ensure that you maximise the floor’s potential when choosing other furniture. Try using a thick or fluffy carpet to make the area safe and you kill 2 birds with one stone. They’ll dance, play and even fight in the bedroom, but as long as they have a clear area to do this, you’ll be cool.

Storage Matters

Asking your child to keep the room nice and tidy is one thing, but you should at least meet them halfway. Create enough storage space to allow this miracle to happen, and you might just be pleasantly surprised once in a while! Keep the storage low and try to combine it with bed and seating furniture.

And Relax…

If you fancy trying these 5 tips, we almost guarantee that you see some positive changes in the family home- Have Fun!

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

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