4 Ways to Pick the Right Home Design

I recently found that my property was no longer large enough for my family, and decided I would like to have a new property built for us. At first I thought this would be an easy process, and that I could simply go to an architect explain my ideas, have plans drawn up, and start the build. This though was far from the case. Talking to my family it became obvious that we had no idea what our new home should be like, and that we would find discussing it the worst way to settle on an idea. This lead us on a quest to find our ideal home that took on a few different forms, and here I have outlined them for you in the hope that they can help you make a decision about the design of your home.

Property Pages

Our starting point was looking at properties on the internet and in trade magazines, though we actually found this to be quite useless in helping make any decisions. There was an air of detachment about this approach, and we found we had no idea of size or room layout; we quickly gave up on this idea

Cruising the Neighborhood

Ridiculous though this sounds, we actually found an abundance of different styles of property that we could discuss and eliminate as we saw fit. In all honesty, this only told us which type of exterior was preferable for our new home and told us nothing about interiors. It did though narrow our search down to a liking for modern exteriors, which was a help in itself.

Property Viewings

Our next step was to find out more about the interiors we liked, and for this we took advantage of property viewings. After searching the internet and local papers we would visit properties that were for sale, and discuss our likes and dislikes about the various interiors of the properties.This was a great way for us to discover the layouts we preferred along with sizes. I was actually surprised at the amount of properties we visited that we found too large for our liking, and was also surprised that we unanimously decided we loved open plan living areas and kitchens.

Internet Design Sites

A friend suggested some internet design sites that he had used, and this opened up a whole new way for us to investigate properties. These sites had a big range of home design plans that we could look at, and even enabled us to virtually walk around the homes we were most interested in. This was a true eye opener, and helped us fine tune the house we all wanted. In fact, we will probably purchase one of the designs from the first site we visited, and will never actually get around to giving an architect or likes and dislikes.

If I do buy a design from a company that sells off the shelf designs, it will in no way invalidated our efforts to find our own property.In reality, without our investigations we would still have been buying a paper property. However, by investigating property types and designs it was easier for us to come to a final decision, though the interactive method of choosing your final design is definitely a step forward

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